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Sants Publishers

Hybrid media publisher and space managing software

Collaborate publishing business

Mixed Media- Publishing Solutions

Sants Publishers
Sants Publisher

Anytime, Everytime control on your Publishing and Space selling operations with Sants Publisher, hybrid media publishing software.  In this trend of digital media, publishing companies are forced to collaborate their media products, with mixed media solutions -revenue environment, advertising and sponsorship options, and delivery channels in a single chain.

Many leading publishing companies are adopting cloud-based Sants Publisher software. A unified ERP platform with publishing-specific capabilities integrates data and workflow for project management and accounting, staff and freelance time and expense management, advertising sales, subscriber data, and analytics under one umbrella.

Sants Publisher powerful dashboards and reports inform your decision making and to optimize your publishing business. Analyze marketing reports, sales, and other company financials. Sell subscriptions and increase circulation using online portals.

Sants Publisher, Manage all customers advertisers and subscribers from one unified application that integrates sales with back-office financial, accounting and order management processes. Sales campaigns, advertisers and subscription sales and then automatically generate invoices per customized billing schedules.

Cloud-Based Dashboards

Sants Publisher ensure that the cloud ERP platform gives all visibility and control over your publishing data and business processes, with Role based dashboards. Sants Publisher cloud-based dashboards can be customized for different roles and preferences.

Work flow methodology.

Sants Publisher link content and messages with workflow, collaborating becomes much easier. With a flexible, integrated platform, employees from different departments can easily communicate production, projects and other daily issues, all linked and in one place.

Sants Publishers have better insight into publishing and Space selling business solution and campaign performance.  A cloud-based ERP platform can give them that kind of visibility and control.