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Press Drive - Print Media Production Site

Printing  Press, The Next Level Integration.

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Printing Press Solutions

Press Drive - Print Media Production Site
Sants Press Drive

Santsinfo Press Drive printing task control software is positioned between the ERP and production site, where it brings transparency to complex process information and allows all operators to share the latest production details. The Sants Press Drive is able to automatically set work instructions and collect precise information on operating results. While it can easily be run from iPads or other tablet devices.

To develop universal workflow, Santsinfo drew on its extensive technical knowledge of prepress, printing processes and combined this with its expertise in cutting-edge digital technologies. This wealth of results-based experience gave rise to a highly professional technology that offers high-speed processing using the full prepress knowhow, allowing it to function as a control center for a wide range of print devices. In short, Sants Press Drive helps to create an environment in which any printing system can produce outstanding quality, performance and stability even for relatively inexperienced operators. Santsinfo fully committed to maintaining their efforts to promote continuing growth of the overall printing industry.

As client needs continue to diversify, printing companies are being forced to work to ever shorter deadlines. This has created a requirement for more efficient work processes that incorporate both offset and digital systems, making it possible to achieve optimal results for a variety of different needs. Santsinfo have answered this call by developing a solution that combines. These systems will also be linked areas of management, prepress, press and Postpress and automates the entire printing process. 

Santsinfo automates the print production processes through digital communication. Santsinfo have the customized solution for Print production Industry – for top quality, maximum efficiency and a decisive competitive edge.

One of the prime goals we are promoting is the creation of a design for a smart Press. A single operator will control multiple systems, part-time employees, AI and robotics. Our vision is to create a smart press that uses next-generation printing logistics to achieve a truly new dimension of productivity.

Sants Press Drive Business.

Sants Press Drive connect administration with production as a print production industry software solution and management information system (MIS) with Precise costing, cost-effective implementation. Automated processes in Estimation, job card, material and logistics planning and reports ensure that you have your factory under control.

Sants Press Drive Around the clock.

The Sants Press Drive Portal provides online customers, in a single portal sales staff and production staff with controls, convenient web access with Sants Press Drive ERP, available around the clock. Orders, business processes and production processes can be integrated into a holistic approach through Online.

Sants Press Drive Production.

Sants Press Drive Production integrates all workflows in prepress, digital and offset printing as well as post press. You can complete even extremely demanding tasks quickly with top quality production.

Sants Press Drive Media.

Sants Press Drive solutions address new business approach ranging from data and content management or magazine publication through to multi-channel publishing. Sants Press Drive Media explore next level of media communication possible – both online and print.

Santsinfo firmly believe the next-generation integrated workflow solution formed by Santsinfo will help to significantly improve the optimization and performance of prepress and press operations, and in fact the entire printing process.