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Photo Drive -Digital Lab Solutions

Photography/Digital (Color) Lab – Next level Photo Delivery Solution.

Deliver your snaps digitally.

Digital (Color) Lab Solution

Photo Drive -Digital Lab Solutions
Photo Drive

Photos are precious. It is everlasting memories in our normal and digital life, Preserving photography is most complicated and unorganized sector in photography industry, Storage and repeat business scope in photography business is tremendous, the moment of photography’s technology moved from analog to digital although the arrival of the Internet-enabled smartphones and VR that we really noticed a new business opportunity in the photographic industry. It was surprising, but it all seemed somewhat natural and although we experience the photographic community largely accommodated the changes with some new ideas in photography business. Photo drive helps Digital Labs to become more successful while doing more of what they love. Studios or Digital Labs are the best way to record the people and places that we love – while for some, they’re an entire livelihood. But they’re also inherently vulnerable, both in print and digital form, as once an image is lost, it’s gone forever. You can’t go back and take the same picture again. This is why we’ve taken a close look to invent solution for photography business. We make things simple; we’ve build unique and top technology solution for Digital Labs. Whether you’re looking for file sharing, long-term storage, or just peace of mind that every photo you add or edit will be preserved, we’ve found the solution for you!

Internet Digital (Color) Lab /E-commerce


Photo Drive – Photography business software application designed especially for the Digital Labs and its users where it acts as a multi-event handling user interface solution provider, which works in internet as an internet Lab with ecommerce platform. Photo Drive enhances and flourishes the business opportunity of a Digital (Color) Lab to the next level.

Simple Management Solution


Photo Drive manage all the events and organize your business of a Digital (Color) Lab such as workflow management, finance management, daily statements, online booking, etc. in one place. It works across your devices whether you're at work or at home or on your computer Android™ device, you'll have the same information. It's all in one spot. Easily manage your business anywhere, anytime.

Assets and Customers


By integrating everything in one place, you’ll be able to run a more streamlined photography business, creating with digital assets and customers data base which will be a valuable asset for your present Digital (Color) Lab business. Sants photo drive gives greater consistency in your communication and delivers a more refined customer experience.

Think Big


Santsinfo believe there are too many great Digital (Color) Lab that struggle, not because of a lack of creativity, but because of a lack of Technology. We believe in in technology we are here to help you to bring your business into more professional way by doing what you love. So we built Photo Drive to help Digital (Color) Lab to become more successful while doing more of what they love.