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Product - Digital Drive

Spot On Solution For Digital Press

Connect Your Digital Press Globally -Expand Digital Press Business
Digital Drive

Advanced Management Software Solution For Digital Press 

Digital Drive brings your imagination in to reality. In the era of digitalization photography is the most affected and digitally enhanced industry, our product Digital Driv...

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Photo Drive

Photography/Studios – Next level Photo Delivery Solution.

Santsinfo developed the most advanced and innovative online business solution in Digital Photography Industry which drives photography business in to a new dimension. Sants Phot...

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Press Drive

Printing  Press, The Next Level Integration.

Sants digital printing technology portfolio provides cutting-edge printing business solution systems for the intelligent print shop operation. Flexible solutions with major bene...

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Social Tree

Intra/Social Network Platorm

The power product sants social tree is made with lot of demends, experience the power of an innovative  social network plat form santsinfo visit  In a s...

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Cloud - ERP Solutions

Production Industry Solutions

More digital more accuracy. Conect your business with online and simply switch to modern way without losing traditions . your organisation on a single, cloud-based software solu...

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Sants - e-Commerce

eCommerce Solutions

Technology brings more joy on life, now we are in to virtual shops, we  developed an eCommerce solution with most advanced fatures for mid size or large coporates who loves...

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Add Publisher

Publishing and Advertising Solutions

Digital Agency is the one of best  end-to-end web/app software solution for the advertising and publishing industry. Quickly understood, easily explained and just 'feel' ri...

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The Future of the Internet is Intelligent Machines

Digital Transformation - Technology for Business Stability & Growth
Stop feeling digital and start being digital

Digital innovation system can help you to transform the business into digital, turn into an intelligent enterprise, Digital transformation is the reinvention of an organization and it changes the way a company creates assets, interacts with customers, business partners, and competes. Through the use of digital technology in an enterprise to improve the way it performs and serves its constituents. Realtime businesses analyzing, and reports will support the enterprise. The digital transformation impact is always visible on one business.

Digital Transformation
Has to Grow, better governance and use of data speed up transformation
SME Solutions

Take advantage of the extensive industry functionality, best practices, and processes. Santsinfo Digital Business Solutions is designed to work with small and mid-size businesses across all industries.

Digital Age

In the digital age, business leaders must stay on top of new, emerging, and future technologies or risk falling behind. But where do you start? Explore the latest digital trends to determine the best opportunities for your company.


Santsinfo developed a robust digital solutions for all your business needs and goals – run the business better, faster, and more profitably with the right combination of digital and physical resources. now and in the future.

Digital transformation extremely helpful to do business, buy, work and live. A key part of it all is information - put at work, with a holistic information management approach - and connecting value to create more value, throughout the entire ecosystem.
Business Process Automation

In Digital Age, Business Process Automation is Not an Outsider.
Better Footfall
If matters, Speed, Communication, Personalization or Transparency. - Drive Digitally.
A better human experiences - Automation

Solution of fine turning business efficiency and simplifying human lives in general, Digital Transformation managing information, data and processes to reduce costs, resources and investment more cost-efficient, streamlined, error-proof and transparent. Our Business Automation is scalable and grows with your business, the production data which are generated thereby have to be available transparent from the shop floor up to the ERP– systems of the firm - every time from everywhere, so whatever your idea, we’ll help you bring it to life.


Centralized management  systems and tools for strategic discovery and implementation with enterprise computing architecture is critical to the success of the organization. The solution your organization needs to quickly automate and optimize business processes.


Enterprise software integrates the diverse data and information sources into a single platform. Combined business functions spread across the process -critical applications such as CRM, executive portals, dashboards, reporting systems and automated workflow system.


During the day or night with the Automated execution system the organisation is live. Automated workflow system reduces multiple tasks with minimal human intervention. Operations are done very quickly and in real time with automated solutions.

Digital Sequence

Efficient Solution to Magnify The Efficiency of Traditional Business.
Unlock the value of online business

Santsinfo web-presence solutions to small and medium businesses, professionals and individuals. We provide our clients a complete online products that help them establish & grow their online presence. Everything from a single point, single domain, internet has no boundaries, with an affordable investment you will be addressed globally, automation technology will magnify the efficiency of your business when customers and audience are online or offline. we help you to build a strong web presence says a lot about you and your business

Online and Offline
Trouble free shopping experience for your customers both online and offline.
Santsinfo Cloud Computing

Sants Cloud Integration Will Set You Up for Success.
Integrate Your Data
Your online and offline data in a single, easily accessible place that can be shared among teams and departments.
Santsinfo cloud advantages

Santsinfo cloud features simply meet the computing on demand. The high elasticity feature can scale up or scale down computing, quickly to meet your demands as the business grows. Affordable and cost effective computing resources such as servers, networks, storage, and operating systems on a pay-per-use basis. . The cloud eliminates the need for costly hardware, such as hard drives and servers – and gives users the ability to work from anywhere., managed by a professional IT team. You can rely on the proven enterprise cloud security and hosting services.

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